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Practice Areas

Our combinedexperience of impressive achievements and high level of training allow us to provide the highest quality service.

Corporate/Business Law

Today, business is affected by many branches of law, so in order to obtain high-quality legal aid, it is worth having a partner who can also think across the branches of law and offer fast and efficient solutions. We offer companies comprehensive legal assistance, which includes preparation of the necessary documents (articles of association, shareholders' resolutions, etc.), development of management and supervisory structures and counselling of companies in possible disputes with both local governments and state bodies. 


Our partners have extensive experience in the comprehensive counselling and representation of companies in labour dispute bodies of the Labour Inspectorate. 

Contract Law

The foundation for drafting a strong contract lies in close cooperation with the client, during which we determine their actual needs. Our lawyers are able to draft robust contracts to avoid unnecessary litigation. 


We prepare all contracts necessary for our clients' business activities, including sales, service, trade and franchise contracts. Our advisors have high expertise in preparing shareholder and investment contracts, as well as construction and procurement contracts. 

Litigation / Arbitration

An experienced lawyer can predict the likely outcome of a dispute at an early stage of litigation. Our lawyers always take the time to determine what results can be achieved and what strategies need to be implemented. We fight for the interests of our client to the end. 


Our lawyers have dispute experience from all Estonian courthouses and also international arbitration proceedings. One of our partners is in fact the arbitrator from the Arbitration Court of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Crypto Assets

The world's financial system is changing: more and more is being invested in crypto assets. Our lawyers advise both private investors and companies on legal issues related to crypto assets. We have carried out ICO processes for new cryptocurrencies, created cryptocurrency source documents (White Paper) and developed the necessary management and supervision structures for companies whose main means of payment is cryptocurrency. We also assist our clients in applying for a licence to provide virtual currency services and in subsequent reporting to the state. 

Finance Law

Today's financial world is more complex than ever. Our lawyers assist clients in applying for a licence from the Financial Supervision Authority, while licensed credit and payment institutions can obtain legal assistance in order to resolve challenges related to both business transactions and disputes. 


Our partner has been a member of the supervisory board and the chairman of a licensed credit institution for more than 20 years, which is why our office has in-depth know-how regarding the nuances and peculiarities of the field. 

Sport Law

In Estonia, the field of sport law is still underdeveloped, but our lawyers are already experienced legal advisors in both concluding sponsorship agreements and representing athletes and clubs in the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). We also counsel sports clubs on the creation of management and supervisory structures. 


Our leading partner has experience as a member of the UEFA Legal Committee, which ensures that the legal assistance provided is worthy of a large organisation. 

Crisis Management

In order to resolve more complex crises quickly, it is necessary to cooperate with experts in various fields. We have a functioning cooperation network with specialists from the IT, financial and other sectors. If the client experiences a crisis, we assemble a suitable team, prepare an action plan and successfully lead the client out of the crisis. With the help of our cooperation network, we can assist clients with very different needs, from agriculture to high-tech companies.. 

Start-ups and Exports

We offer legal assistance to companies entering foreign markets. We are able to advise our clients on legal issues concerning countries in Asia (including China), North and South America and Africa. We can also provide legal advice if you wish to import services and products from outside of Europe. 


Our team includes a legal advisor with long-term experience from the World Customs Organisation. 


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